Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Trailer ordered

Today was another of those "big days" in the build process. Not so much in the work I accomplished, but in decision and commitment being made. Today I ordered my custom trailer and put in the first half deposit.
The custom trailer is being made by Tiny House Basics which has several different production facilities. Mine will be made in their Tennessee location and I will be able to pick it up in a few weeks.
I chose Tiny House Basics because they offered a truly custom build. For my tiny house I wanted some very specific features:

  1. Needed the length from the rear of trailer to gooseneck coupler to be 32 feet or less, with a 24 foot lower deck
  2. I wanted the upper deck frame to be flush with the top of the gooseneck just like the main frame
  3. Wanted the front of the gooseneck deck to have "bullnose" front end. I wanted this in hope to reduce the drag. The very front of the trailer would be 5'6" and then would angle back to 8' over the first 2' of the trailer. 
  4. Lastly i wanted the lower deck frame to be extended in-front of the gooseneck risers so that I can build my frame and enclose the risers. This giving me extra storage space. 
After multiple emails, phone calls and drawing exchanges with Joshua, great guy to work with BTW, we decided we were on the same page. I had also sent out request for quotes to multiple other vendors. Several responded they were not able to accommodate the request and some i never heard back from. 
After considering my options I decided to go with Joshua and Tiny House Basics and placed my deposit. Delivery time will be about 3-4 weeks since they have Memorial Day in there and have some custom work. 
I hope it is finished by end of June so that i can head out and have it back home before the 4th of July weekend. We will get regular progress updates from Joshua.

So ready to get this started. 

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