Monday, May 27, 2019

Tiny kitchen

The next project was to get my cooktop installed. The truck has to have a cooktop powered by an internal fuel source in order for it to be registered as an RV. So my solution to this was to use a small cook top and mount it in the cabinet above the refrigerator.

The first plan was to move the top and make a new counter top. The top was easy to remove with six screws. This left a great spot to mount the new counter top.

 I started to craft the new top then realized, that it might be easier to just store it in the drawer. All i would have to do was cut a square shelf and add the hole in the center for the cooktop. I would also just drill out holes in the bottom to pass the cord through. Lastly adding a hole for the heat escape. The advantage of doing it in the drawer is that the heat will not be trapped in the drawer and heat the space over the refrigerator as the cook top will now pull out and let the heat escape.

Here is the temporary solution.

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