Sunday, June 16, 2019

We have the POWER.....

Meeting the 110V requirement I thought would be the easiest part; however, I soon found out that would not be the case. The plan was simple, Add an inlet on the outside of the truck so that I could plug into either a generator (when stopped overnight or boon docking) or campground power, when I was staying someplace with electric. I know that my Dads hunting property would be getting power and a few of my more permanent locations i would also expect to have grid power. I wanted to go with 30 amp service even though I thought it would be overkill for the truck. The small travel trailer i have now has 30 amp service mostly to power the air conditioner. I have however, run the AC on just a standard 15/20 amp circuit.

After some research, I we looking at transfer switches and other options I found a complete kit at Home Depot. It was by Reliance energy and even came with the generator cord and the outlet box. I was all pre-wired so I thought this was a slam dunk.

It was easy to attach the outlet box to the corner of the truck where I would have easy access .
There was only one issue. The inlet box had a 4 prong 30 amp (L14-30) plug and the the generator has a three prong (L5-30) outlet. More research leads me to learn that it is designed to have two branches (240v) which splits over the 6 circuits. Without a 240V circuit, I would only get power to half the plugs. 

The other issue was the size of the transfer switch box. The plan was to mount the transfer switch in either the luggage box or under the bunk. It would have to be mounted sideways as it was a bit tall to fit in either spot.

With these two issue, I contacted Reliance and found they found an external box which was wired for just 110V circuits and has a L5-30 plug.

It is now on order and should be here in a few days. We will mount this one in about the same place on the outside and then run all the wiring.