Monday, September 20, 2021

Needing to find a welder

One of the things i have been trying hard to figure our is how i am going to do the bed for the truck. I have played with many ideas in my head, but i think in this case going simple might be the best. So i found a donor bed a while ago that is 24 foor long. I only will need about 21 feet of it. I has a nice headache rack as well. 

What i now need is to find someone who is a much better welder than i am to cut off the back section of the bed at 16 feet. This would leave 8 feet. From that piece we would cut a second section that we would need to be about 5 foot long. This would be welded so that it goes back down about 26-30" and out about 48". This would bring the rear down below 22" which is required for safety purposes. The other thing is will need fold down rams built so that when i get ready to load, they would be able to be folded down to the ground and could also be flipped up to lay on the dovetail section. 
This is basiclly building a dovetail equipment trailer, but instead of a trailer, building it as the bed of the truck. 
Once the bed is built would add two drop in gooseneck ball receivers. one just before the ramp starts (16 feed) and the second bettwen 18-19 feed from the front. I would need to be high enough for the trailer to sitll ride level, but also that cars or my bobcat could dive over it (without the ball). without tearing up the underside.