Friday, April 19, 2019

My truck has been found....

After about 4 years of looking a being scared to commit, I pulled the trigger and purchased a truck. This is the second big step on the journy of Tiny House Big Truck. This is getting the "Big truck" part.
I already own a F350 4WD truck which I use for pulling equipment and trailers, however, I have been seeing a lot of the disadvantage of using a "light duty" truck for this. Times like pulling the bobcat in the dump trailer, the truck seems over worked, especially climbing the hills near Kerrville.

A few years ago, I found some folks who were converting semi tractors to pull large 5ht wheel trailers. Since I have always dreamed of full time RVing with a large trailer I became interested. I even attend the National HDT rally in  2016. I met a lot of folks using semi trucks and even got to drive two of them. Having already driven a bus, I was not scared of driving a large vehicle. Hey, I took my driving test at sixteen in a large passenger van.

My brother has also worked on some semi truck so figured he could help me with some of the maintenance and getting it ready.

The truck I purchased is a 2010 International Prostar with a 72" sleeper. It has about 450k miles so had a lot of life left in it.

Here are some photos.

Next up, getting it converted so that I can register it as a motorhome.