Saturday, May 25, 2019

It will keep the food cold....

As electric or gas fridge is one of the requirements for a truck-tracktor (semi truck) to be considered "converted" for habitation.  Here are more details. When I got the truck, it already had a cabinet which was designed to fit a refrigerator. May long hall truckers have them in their trucks to keep food and drinks cold. The cabinet was already wired for 12v power so just had to buy one to put in there. After some research, I found a company called TruckFridge which sells designed to fit in the space left by the manufacture's fridge so I knew this would be an easy install.

I test fitted the fridge and it slipped right in, the only issue was it sat a bit to high as the drawer above it would not go all the way in. However, there was a steel plate which was mounted to the floor. I think the was for a different type of fridge, as my mounting screws were all in the front. This was going to be easy, just had to remove that plate and put it back. After getting the plate removed, I slide the fridge back in and everything worked great. I pulled it back out to hook up the power, slide it in one last time and screwed it in. It now is mounted and ready for use.

Before you ask, no I have not checked to see if it actually works, but the light inside does come on.

Next up is my cooktop.

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