Saturday, May 18, 2019

The conversion starts

So today was a big day. On Tuesday, of this week, we received the big items needed for conversion of the semi tractor to an RV. In Texas to registrar your converted semi truck to an motorhome it must contain a few items.

Here is the official rules from the current version of the Assembled and Rebuilt Vehicle Manual issued by Texas

Used trucks, truck tractors, and buses, which have been reconstructed or converted to
contain living quarters to meet the definition of a motor home, should be titled as a motor
home and registered with passenger plates. Title applications on these vehicles should be
supported by both interior and exterior photographs, a certified weight certificate
verifying the gross weight, and a Rebuilt Vehicle Statement (Form VTR-61) explaining the
alteration. The make, year model, and VIN must be the same as that shown on the title
covering the truck, truck-tractor, or bus.
Living Quarters
Occupations Code Section 2301.002 (21) defines a motor home as

“Motor home” means a motor vehicle that is designed to provide temporary living
quarters and that:

Motor Vehicles Adapted or Designed for Human Habitation

Assembled and Rebuilt Vehicle Manual 11-2 TxDMV October 2017
(A) is built on a motor vehicle chassis as an integral part of or a permanent
attachment to the chassis; and
(B) contains at least four of the following independent life support systems
that are permanently installed and designed to be removed only for
repair or replacement and that meet the standards of the American
National Standards Institute, Standards for Recreational Vehicles:

  • (i) a cooking facility with an on-board fuel source;
  • (ii) a gas or electric refrigerator;
  • (iii) a toilet with exterior evacuation;
  • (iv) a heating or air conditioning system with an on-board power or fuel
  • source separate from the vehicle engine;
  • (v) a potable water supply system that includes at least a sink, a faucet,
  • and a water tank with an exterior service supply connection; or
  • (vi) a 110-125 volt electric power supply.
For my conversion I will be adding a 110 power supply, a refrigerator, a heating or air conditioning system and a cooking facility. The items wich arrived this week were the mini split heat pump and the semi-tractor refrigerator. I also was able to pick up the generator which I had purchased a fwe weeks prior but was out of stock.

Goal was to see how far i could get getting everything in place.

Here is a video of how the interior looked before we started.

We wanted to start with seeing if the fridge was going to fit and if we could get the cook top in place. For the fridge, I went with an OEM replacement from TruckFridge. I had previously measured the cabinet and it should fit well. The one i got was their TF49 model for Prostars after 2009. After getting it un-boxed it fit well. I will have to find some screws for the final mounting, but slid right in and there is already a 12 volt connector to hook into. This should be an easy install.

The second part to get done today was to remove the top fabric section of the same cabinet as this is where i want to mount my cook top. For my cooking device i will be using a 110-volt induction cook top. The one i selected was a fairly cheep one from Amazon. I don't plan on using very often, and this is more to get it ready for titling. I do plan to make an extension which will secure it as required. I will then run a 110 volt plug over from my main panel to power it. I had oped to remove just the fabric section, but ended up removing the entire top.

This will be the next project to see if i just make an entire new top or if I try to reuse this one. I am thinking i will just make a new one, using the old one as my template.

I also un-boxed the air conditioner/header, but more on that in the next post.

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