Friday, May 24, 2019

Just like being 16

I have a learners permit.

On my second attempt, after studying the correct material, I was able pass the written portion of my test in less that 10 mins and only got 3 questions wrong. One of which I disagree with how the question was worded and answers were presented. It was about safety markers for a disabled vehicle. It was something to the effect of "during daylight hours when flares or electric lanterns are not required, these can be used instead." The options were two yellow flags, three yellow reflectors, three red reflectors or two red flags. I chose The three red reflectors. I knew knew you could also use two red lamps, but three is better than two.

From the handbook:
No person shall operate a truck, bus, truck tractor, or any motor vehicle towing a house trailer, upon any highway outside the city limits or upon any divided highway at any time from a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise unless there shall be carried in such vehicle the following: at least three flares, or three red electric lanterns, or three portable red emergency reflectors. During times when lighted lamps are not required two red flags must be used in place of flares, lights, or reflectors

I guess I should have gone with the simple answer that says two red flags when other are not required.

Other than that, getting the learners permit was a breeze. I got there and checked in on the kiosk, and went to the main desk. The lady who had stopped me from taking the test immediately recognized me, and told the person next to her to get the lady in front of me. He quickly had my info in the computer and set me up for my test. I went back knowing I had passed, waited for her and she completed the paperwork. I was out of there in less than 20 mins.

Next step, getting ready to drive.

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